Sunday, August 23, 2009

Vicki's Wedding Card

Lately I've been checking out a lot of card making blogs and have been feeling very motivated to start making some cards again. Friday night I cleaned up and reorganized my scrapbooking area so I could make a card for my niece's wedding which took place today. It was a nice simple card to get myself back in the groove.

I made this card to include an interior pocket for a cash gift. The rose is pop dotted out for a nice 3-D effect and the rose and the sentiment are embossed. I added a bit of glitter for some bling.

Stamps: Fifth Avenue Floral and Celebrate - Stampin Up
Other supplies: Paper, Glitter, Pop Dots, Stampadoodle Embossing Powders

The setting for the wedding was gorgeous and my niece and her groom sure deserved a beautiful day. They sure went through a lot to get to their wedding day. The wedding took place at the Homestead Golf Course in Lynden, Washington and the weather was perfect!

Photo below is my daughter (left) and one of my other nieces (right).


  1. What a beautiful setting for a gorgeous wedding day. I think your daughter looks like you! The card is great, my daughter is the card making expert in our family. I could easily be hooked by "Stampin' Up!" but I simply cannot let myself, I have her making my cards for me!!

  2. Love the card! Quilting and card making, what a plethora of talent you have! hahaha!