Thursday, May 14, 2009


First of all I would like to introduce this blog. I am new to blogging but am not new to reading them and being inspired by them. I started reading blogs about a year ago and thought it would be nice to try and inspire others too and at the same time journal about my creative endeavors. Please bear with me as I learn to use Blogger and as I learn about photography.

My creative passion since 1990 has been quilting. I love it and am totally addicted to fabric. I have quite the stash and my new years resolution is to use up as much of it in 2009 as possible and at the same time finish off my WIP's. As I finish them I will be posting here about them and telling the stories behind them. About a year ago I purchased an APQS Millenium Longarm Machine. I love using it and have been quilting for others since I bought the machine. I will often be posting about the quilts I am working on my longarm.

Since I was doing so much on the longarm (over 30 quilts last year & about 10 so far this year) I started to feel like I needed something to do to take my mind of work, so to speak, and give me something to do while relaxing and wathcing TV in the evening so I walked into our local yarn shop and rediscovered knitting. I've completed lots of felted handbags and slippers. My Ravelry name is "maripen" and Flicker name is "maripenquiltmom".

Most recently, while surfing the net, I discovered a blog that has inspired me so much that I decided to relearn crochet. That blog is Attic24. I check out this blog every morning before I start my day (Lucy is from England and her time is 9 hours ahead of mine so she has usually posted by the time I wake up). Her colorful blog and upbeat outlook on life have inspired me and so many others so much. I'll put a link and other links to blogs I enjoy over on the sidebar to the right.

I am a mother of 4 teenagers, so sometimes I'll be doing some random musings on m
y family life which may also include some stories and pictures of miniature schnauzers who I have absolutely fallen in love with. I look forward to sharing with you and getting to know you all better through your comments. Until next time. (I'll try to blog twice a week)