Friday, July 3, 2009

More Quilting on Old Red Barn Quilt-along for Mary on Lake Pulaski

If you've been following my blog you know I gave away free quilting service to Quilting Barbie on the Old Red Barn quilt-along as she was online when I made the offer for the first email from B.C.

Within seconds, I received a second email asking if I would quilt for her even though she was not from my area. I decided to do the quilting for 50% off providing all postage fees were also paid.
Mary on Lake Pulaski took me up on this.

Isn't her quilt great? She used "Red Letter Day" by Lizzie House. She used the lime green with geese on the back. It's so cute with the little turquoise geese distributed at intervals all over the back. She also did some great piecing with her leftover strip ends. Great job Mary!

Head on over to Mary's blog to view her photos of her completed quilt with binding on. Also, if you click on Mary's picture of the back of her quilt you can see a large view which makes it appear the geese are floating on quilted waves. Mary picked Happy Times pantograph for the quilting design.

Thanks Mary, for choosing me for the quilting of your awesome quilt!

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