Friday, July 3, 2009

Catching Up Longarm Quilting for Clients

1 row of Butterfly Charm

I've been trying all week to catch up with my client quilts as I am planning to take the rest of July and all of August off. I may still be quilting my own tops or my daughter's (she is working on a special project with my cousins daughter - more to come on that later).

I quilted this quilt which was pieced by M.O. Last year, I ran a promotion during my first year of business. Anyone who brought me 5 quilts in my first year of business would get a sixth one free. This is M.O.'s free one. I used Flowing Feather pantograph as an overall texture design.

Sandra brought me two more quilts. An animal print Yellow Brick Road quilted with Carpet of Leaves and an Oriental Magic Tiles quilted with Butterfly Charm.

Animal Print/Yellow Brick Road

The following 2 pictures are of Sandra's stunning Oriental Magic Tiles Quilt


  1. Oriental Magic Tiles w/ Butterfly Charm is a winning combination! Wow!! I love that. The Flowing Feathers is a great too. Best wishes with your own projects, can't wait to see those.

  2. Beautiful quilts - those butterflies are amazing. And I can't wait to see your own projects too! Enjoy your holiday.

  3. That quilt is beautiful! It looks like it took forever, LOVE the long arm quilting on it. If I had a long arm machine I would be doing my own quilts all day and nobody else's stuff would get done! Thanks for stopping by and linking! And already having the button, your fast! -Allison