Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back to School with Eric Carle

Due to school starting this week, I thought I'd post about 2 quilts I quilted for Ruth this past Spring. They are 2 quilts using the Brown Bear, Brown Bear fabric line based on the children's book by Eric Carle. Ruth is so generous she has donated 1 of the quilts to the MCC Sale and Auction.

Click on the picture to see a bigger view of the quilting
done in a beautiful King Tut variegated yarn.
I quilted each using Large Inkblot pantograph

When Ruth, an elementary school teacher brought me these quilts I had never heard of Eric Carle and she was astounded. I have since read 2 of his books! I think the quilts she did and the books they are based on are pretty awesome.

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  1. This was my son's favorite book when he was a toddler. He learned how to read from this book. Great memories. It's just too bad they didn't have this print available back then. Love the quilt and thanks for sharing.