Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Busy Bee

It's been a while since I popped in here. I haven't been idle though! Things are always busy around here. With 4 teenagers, a husband, and 2 mini schnauzers we never have a shortage of work. Just feeding them, making sure they have clean laundry, and get driven where they need to go is more than a full time job!

I've finished 3 hand embroideries for flckr friends in the Hoop Up, Stitch & Send Swap and I've transferred and hooped up 2 more.

I drew this one up and stitched it for Marilyn's "Sweet Dreams" theme. I was inspired by artwork by Emily Martin of Inside a Black Apple, I'm really pleased with it.
I stitched up the next 2 for Quiltdad's Whimsical Woodland theme. One for the swap, and 1 bonus piece for doing such an awesome job organizing the swap. The colours on the next 2 aren't my usual palette but I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.

I drew this one up after viewing a quilted masterpiece by Judy Coates Perez on flckr. John sent the brown, pink , and blue flosses for his pieces. I am hoping the unexpected foliage colours add whimsy.

This bonus piece was inspired by the artwork of Valori Wells. I drew this up for John and stitched it up mostly using his colors.

I've also longarmed a few quilts for others and have 1 to do this week too!

This one was pieced by my friend Val and I quilted Feathers With a Twist on it. It turned out great.

And last but not least, I've finished piecing three options front and back for DQS8 (Doll Quilt Swap). I plan on quilting these end of this week. I posted previously about these here.


  1. Suddenly, my yesterday doesn't seem all that full! Wow, girl, you get a lot done! I really like the embroidery pieces! You're amazing.

    Thank you for sharing such happy pictures with me today!

  2. All three of your stitcheries are beautiful Marianne!

  3. Love the stitcheries and your quilting is amazing... I think those Feathers With a Twist stitch up so nicely, well done!

  4. The feather quilting is stunning... how do you get them all to look so uniform?

    Of course you know I love your embroidery!


  5. You have been a busy bee! I love the stitching and the quilt is fabulous! What wonderful quilting!


  6. you certainly have been busy! i LOVE Val's quilt; beautiful! and perfect pattern for it too

  7. Such a great job on the embroidery and very cute images. The quilt is wonderful,too!