Thursday, January 21, 2010

Doll Quilt Mania! (DQS8)

I've gone crazy, doll quilt crazy. I'm seeing little tiny whirligigs in my sleep, but had a brainwave last night and had to try it today.

It was my intention to make 2 quilts. One for me and 1 for my partner.

My partner hasn't given me much to go on but from looking at her flckr site I think she likes pastels. Perfect, I won a FQ pack from Hawthorne Threads recently, and I think it will be perfect!

I don't know what possessed me to make 3.5 inch whirligigs, (they are a lot of work) but I went with it and I love them. I made 50 of them and then had some left over pieces from each of the fabrics.

Last night I dreamt about what I wanted to do with the scraps and after the kids went to school today I went for it. I was like a crazy women. Ironing pieces onto fabric using light Steam a Seam in between, then doing some sketchy raw edge applique following Aneela of comfortstitching's tutorial.

Then came the feature branch and bird applique. Here it is what do you think?

Here is my completed top ready for embroidery of legs, quilting, and accent stitching.

Edited to add: That overlarge branch previously on this post was bothering me so I took it off today, and re cut it to make it more delicate, and added a few leaves too!

Now I have 3 options for my DQS8 partner! Originally I was only intending to make 1; now I have 3! Which one do I send to my partner?

To witness the mania over at DQS8 go to flckr here.


  1. I am like a crazy woman everyday trying to get as much fun stuff done while the kids are out!! Looks like you had a lot of fun with the raw edge applique, I love that you completely made it in your own style too:)
    I'm sure your partner would like any of the 3 quilts. Does their mosaic have more pieced pattern type quilts or applique type images?

  2. None of them, you just need to pick which one you're keeping and which two I'm getting! LOL

    I love them all! I dream about my quilts too...get some of the best ideas that way! These are dreamily inspired and are gorgeous...

    it would hard to pick which one to let you keep and which two are my favorites! ;o)

  3. they are all beautiful!!! i love the one with the bird on the branch. sooooooo nice on the colored background.

  4. I love the appliqued bird on the branch, it is gorgeous! I know your partner will love any of the options.

    But, oh, my goodness - did you notice that AmandaJean commented on your quilt. What a thrill!

  5. The quilt looks very good.I think the applique could be better, a little more delicate.

  6. I agree with patchwork, I've been thinking I should have made the branch much thinner!

  7. They are all adorable Marianne!! DO you really have to give one away??

  8. They are all wonderful! And so fun to see your creative process!

  9. Your bird and branch are fantastic!