Monday, April 12, 2010

It's Here - Pillow talk 2 Received

It felt like forever but my pillow is here. I sent off the pillow cover I made for flossyblossy in early March since it was going to the UK, I wanted to make sure she got it before the deadline, but then the waiting began.

Every day I checked the flckr pool to see what was being sent off and what pillows others were receiving. I stalked my mail lady. A few times I even beat her to the mailbox at the end of my street. I think she thought I was a little bit nuts. It got to the point where my mail lady was almost waiting as anxiously as me.

Last week it finally arrived and it was really worth the wait. Jen, the messy nest, made me a fantastic pillow cover in Kokka linen in some of my favorite colors of peacock blue, chartreuse, and red.
She even included some goodies, extra linen print and some hand-dyed fabric she used in the cover, as well as a felt pumpkin pouch she made.

Thanks so much Jen, we are using it lots already!

Pillowtalk 3 should be beginning soon. I am not sure if I will do it this time as my life has been crazy busy and the waiting nearly did me in but I will definitely be doing this swap again sometime in the near future!

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  1. Woo hoo! My mail lady has started avoiding my house on days we don't have mail. LOL Since PT2 and now swapping vintage goodies, I'm like a hounddog that's lost its scent when there's nothing even remotely bulky in my box!

    Love the quilt behind the pillow too! I need a nap!

    Hang in there and remember to take care of you while you're taking care of so many others!