Monday, April 12, 2010

Hoop Up! Update

On Friday, I finished another embroidery for one of my group members in the Hoop Up! swap.

Missy asked for a Nursery Rhyme themed embroidery piece. She sent along red, green/aqua, and pink floss. I decided to fore go the pink and do this vintage inspired piece in mostly red with aqua accents.

I found a free Hansel and Gretel vintage pattern with a candy house. I made some changes to the pattern, which can be seen here. I added a water well, hill, mushroom, grass and stripes to the boy's socks and voila, it became a Jack and Jill embroidery. Missy commented that she LOVED it, and I'm so glad. It always feels so nice to make something that the recipient really enjoys.

Made by me for my initial inspirational piece and for my "Jackrabbit" group members!

This means I am finished 5 out of 6 embroideries for my group! Only 1 more to go. I've been working on a piece for Nicole, followthewhitebunny. Her theme is Paris/France. I should be able to show it to you before the end of the week.

Made for me or wip for me by my "Jackrabbit" Friends


  1. Those are so beautiful! I've just recently started up, again, hand embroidery. But my stuff still has a long way to go to look as nice as yours.

  2. they are all so beautiful!! especially am in love with the jack and jill!! i so want to make one just like it now!! :)

  3. Wow -- all so lovely! I especially like the little gal in bed with the tree bed posts!

  4. Wow, Marianne, your Jack and Jill is gorgeous!

  5. Wow. All I can say about them all is "Wow!"