Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February Bee Blocks

Beatnik Bee - here are the Amish Diamond and Pinwheel blocks I made for Tracy. She asked that we fussy cut the corners to get a nice flower in the center. The fabric was very nice and these were fun.

The ISQ Bee - Here is the new York Beauty block I made for Jen using the great fabrics she sent. The dark grey fabric was my own and the batik in the inner ring were my additions.

The Maple Leaf Bee - February was my own month so I made a few more blocks so I'll be ready to put it together when the rest of the blocks come in. I previously made some mainly green ones which I posted about here

For most of these blocks I used a tutorial by Elizbeth Hartman of Oh,Fransson.





  1. Lots of beautiful things going on in your studio Marianne!!

  2. Wow! Your February bee blocks are all fabulous! I'm very impressed!

  3. The New York Beauty block is beautiful! I love the contrast of the lime and black...

  4. love your Bee Blocks; the NY Beauty is stunning!