Monday, March 8, 2010

Crazy 9 Lattice Quilt - February UFO Finished!

Crazy 9 Lattice Quilt
Originally uploaded by maripenquiltmom

I finished this last week and today is sunny so I managed to get a picture.

When I posted this to flckr originally I asked for advice on which fabric to use for binding and it was unanimous for the teal fabric.

So here it is! I love the colors in this; these were all stash fabrics that I've loved at some point. I chose to quilt it using Waterworld pantograph. It's all washed and pleasantly wrinkly.


  1. absolutely love this. one of my fav quilts of yours Marianne. and now i must find something to put waterworld on. it haven't seen it on a quilt before and i love it even more now :)

  2. Okay, this is just drop dead, gorgeous! Everything you do, I like! I love the "off"ness of the colored blocks and the perfectness of the white.


  3. Now I see why my DQS8 was so beautifully quilted! You are great at quilting!! I was very lucky you drew me!