Monday, May 3, 2010

Pets and Quilts - A Match Made in Heaven!

What is it about pets and quilts? Our own 2 schnauzers love my quilts and seem to know the difference between a store bought blanket and a quilt. And bonus, both pets and quilts are cuddly!

Quilts and pet photos below are flckr finds!
To see the credits please visit my flckr photostream!


  1. Fantastic photos, well done! Your quilts are gorgeous and the pets are pretty darned cute, too!

  2. First thing Lady does when I'm laying out a quilt is--lay on it.

    Can't keep her off the memory quilt, but the new owner says it's all right, her dad's dog would have been on it too!

  3. I was sure I had commented on this - an early seniors moment? So nice to see Softie included in your group.