Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kay's Christmas Table Toppers

Early this year Kay brought me 7 table toppers which she pieced for each of her 6 children and 1 for her to keep. They are all a large "Lonestar" but all done in different Christmas colourways.

I  had a lot of fun watching these come alive while I was quilting them. They are all backed with white flannel and also have a layer of white flannel inside (no batting). Pantographs used were Snazzy Snowflake, Stars and Loops, and Whirligig Lg.

Here are some pis of the ones I got photo's of. (Click on any of the photos for a larger view)



  1. those are really pretty! great pattern choices

    ps-you are going to LOVE new moon. W-O-W is all i have to say. for now lol