Sunday, July 12, 2009

My First Quilt

Camille and Carrie are hosting a Parade of Quilts and I had a last minute thought to participate. Today is the last day to enter.

My first completed quilt is a Debbie Mumm Maple Leaf quilt done up using Fall colours. I still love it today. I made this quilt in 1995. As a matter of fact, I have it hanging in my longarm studio and I gaze at it several times a day. It was a great quilt to start off with as it has basic piecing as well as lots of half square triangles; so, lots of skill development opportunity.

My very first pieced top was actually the Woodpile Log Cabin in Barn Raising pictured below. I am still today not finished this quilt as I wanted to handquilt it and have been doing that on and off since 1995. I kept losing interest in it even though I still love the colours (I love brown and cream). About 2 weeks ago, I actually pulled out all the handquilting which was more than 2/3 done and I'll be machine quilting it later this summer. I'll show it to you when it is finished.

My last completed quilt is a baby Stacked Coins quilt which I longarm quilted with "Daisy Swirl". I found this awsome tutorial at the Moda Bakeshop by Simply This and That. Instead of the traditional white columns I decided to sash it in yellow and I have come to love the effect. I continue to learn new things with every quilt but I think the most important thing I have learned is to take risks with colour, it usually pays off.

I have been working on many quilts since this last one; I'm the type of quilter that needs lots of projects going at once.

Thanks for hosting this Camille and Carrie. I really look forward to the Parade of Quilts wrap-up tomorrow!


  1. All of your quilts are beautiful Marianne, but I especially love the yellow with the coin quilt - I think I may need to copy your idea!

  2. I enjoyed seeing your quilts. I especially like the baby stacked coins quilt. My fave color is this yellow and it turned out beautifully.

  3. Wow, what a challenging quilt for your first attempt! And I love the yellow in your stacked true colour risks often 'make' the quilt!